Boost your healthy by tumeric only


With the bright color, and the health benefits from curcumin, turmeric is a great ingredient recommended by doctors.

About: Turmeric

Turmeric is an ancient spice known for its vibrant golden color. It comes from a flowering plant with a root-like stem that looks like ginger. Turmeric has long been a staple in Indian, Asian, and Central American cuisines, especially in curries. It’s commonly used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines to treat digestive issues, liver problems, skin conditions, and wounds. In fact, it has been used medicinally for more than 4,500 years.

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Research indicates that turmeric, in various topical, capsule, or essential oil forms, may benefit heart health and may help reduce inflammation and ease the pain and swelling associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Normally, Americans tend to use turmeric most often in its powdered spice form, but the root can be grated and used in recipes just like fresh ginger.


Can not wait to see what the turmeric make with, and here are some easy ideas to make your healthy food with turmeric.

1. Cook with scrambles and frittata

Use a pinch of turmeric in scrambled eggs, a frittata, or tofu scramble. If you or your family are new to turmeric, this is a great place to start because the color is familiar and the flavor subtle.

2. Toss it with roasted

Turmeric’s slightly warm and peppery flavor works especially well with cauliflower, potatoes, and root vegetables.

3. Add it to ricehealth

A dash of turmeric brings color and mild flavor to a pot of plain rice or a fancier pilaf.

4. Use it in soups health

A bowl of vegetable or chicken soup feels even more warming when it’s tinged with golden turmeric.

5. Blend it into a

While fresh turmeric root is especially great in juices and smoothies, a pinch of ground spice is good, too. The slightly pungent flavor is usually well masked in smoothies.

6. Make teatea

Simmer turmeric with coconut milk and honey to make an earthy and comforting beverage. aka the pervasive and wildly popular “Golden Milk.”